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Stone Setts & Cobbles

We provide York stone setts and cobbles which are perfect for any driveway or adding the finishing touches to other York stone projects. Our York stone cobbles and setts are durable and tough so provide an ideal surface for any driveway or area with heavy footfall.

New Sawn York Stone Setts

£68 per SQM + VAT

Natural York Stone Setts withstand much more wear and tear than other similar concrete products and the natural colouring and vari...

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New Tumbled York Stone Cobbles

£65 per SQM + VAT

Tumbled York Stone Cobbles are perfect for footpaths, driveways and other areas with heavy footfall or traffic because they are ha...

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Reclaimed Granite Cobbles

£75 per SQM + VAT

Reclaimed Granite Cobbles are well-known for being tough and durable which is why they’re a common material used in many homes, ...

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Reclaimed York Stone Cubed Setts

£80 per SQM + VAT

Our Reclaimed York Stone cubed Setts are reclaimed from the streets of Lancashire and Yorkshire and have been used since Roman tim...

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Reclaimed York Stone Cobbles

£68 per SQM + VAT

The use of York Stone Cobbles reaches as far back as the Romans who used them to pave roads and appreciated their hard wearing yet...

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