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Archive for the ‘Garden’ Category

Early Spring Gardening Tips

12th March 2018

It might still seem cold at the moment but, before we know it, the weather will be warming up and...

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2018 Garden Trends For Spring and Summer

The first day of spring brings with it thoughts of warmer weather and time spent out in the garden. To...

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Outdoor Activities You Need to Try this Spring & Summer

2nd March 2018

We have officially reached the first day of spring and, if you’re anything like us, you’ll be looking forward to...

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Top Questions to Ask When Choosing Paving Materials

29th January 2018

If you’re thinking about paving your garden or driveway, creating a patio or taking on any other paving project, you...

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What are the Health Benefits of a Patio?

Installing a patio is your garden is a great way to boost the value and look of your home but...

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Preparing Your Garden For Winter

29th August 2017

Winter is slowly approaching, and with that it's time to consider preparing your garden so it can survive the cold...

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6 Landscaping Mistakes That Could Ruin Your Garden

We often think we know what we're doing when it comes to maintaining our garden, but many of us don't...

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Simple Ways to Add Character to Your Garden

It often seems that no matter how many plants or features you add to your garden, you just can't seem...

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Top Tips for Creating the Perfect Outdoor Dining Area

4th May 2017

As summer quickly approaches, many of us are looking forward to long days in the sun and time in the...

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Top Gardening Jobs for the Easter Weekend

12th April 2017

Easter traditionally marks the beginning of spring and the long weekend is often the first time many of us poke...

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